About Us

Who we are

G-mart is a successful chain of food. As a recognized company for variety, quality and convenience, we have been serving local communities with efficiency and effectiveness since 1991. We are committed to serving each community with our many available products and services.

G-mart is a Canadian owned and operated corporation, with the head office situated in Gulph, Ontario. This central location enables us to contribute and be a part of the various communities as well as maintain a close relationship with the stores and their clients.

At G-mart, customer service and convenience is our top priority. It is essential for each of our stores to be community-oriented, with the customer’s interest in mind. With this initiative, the needs of the local customer are met with a unique combination of products and services at each individual store.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know the specific products or services you wish to see at your local G-mart.